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Why do you have to be a morning person?

If you have the zeal to be accomplished in life, doing a lot daily isn’t an option, but a must.  However, rising when the first quarter of the day is almost gone can only result in the opposite. Late rising decreases productivity and causes things to go real slow. Being a morning person and using the factors that helps one to be highly productive can make you accomplish more and faster.

Everyone should be desirous to become a morning person. Okay, that was a little extreme because there are some that work in the creative industry whose creative juices flow better and imaginating ability becomes richer, only at night.  It’s natural to sleep far into the day if you fall within this category.

If you desire to switch things up and become a morning person in order to be more organized, below are top 7 ways to do just that.

Night before morning
Night before morning

Start your morning from the night before:

This is a call to proper preparedness against the morning after. Do the tiny bit of chores out of the way. Do the dishes, arrange the kitchen, sweep the apartment, take out the trash, and many others that can be ticked off. Waking to a fresh start has a way of stemming out energy from within. Hence, it pays off to set the pace of your routine achievement the day before.

Set a matching bedtime:

Having a set time for bed and sticking to it is essential to becoming a morning person because this enables your body system conforms to this pattern over time. Once this has been achieved, you will experience little or no difficulty in sleeping within that time frame and rising at the supposed time. If you are the type who finds it difficult to sleep when you first lie at night, but find yourself sleeping in the early hours of morning; it will be difficult to be a morning person this way.  However, setting a matching time for bed every day will let your body become accustomed to that routine helping you be an early riser.

Have early dinner

It’s about making ourselves ready for the morning so we can be giddy on getting things done, right?  SHOCKER AHEAD! A lack of sleep helps achieve the exact opposite and eating late especially close to bed time disrupt sleeping patterns. Avoiding late dinner is advisable in order to have optimum sleep as it deteriorates sleep quality.  A good night sleep on the other hand facilitates our wellbeing and this increases our chance of productivity.  When you Skip on sleep due to stuffing your stomach late or due to any other reason, it becomes difficult for you to have a smart morning wake and this leads to being sluggish throughout that morning or day.

Dinner for a morning person
Light dinner for a morning person
Have the right dinner

Insomnia is a killer of a beautiful daily start as a tired and none relaxed body cannot jump start into an early routine talk more of being effective at it. But eating the right quality and quantity of food can help fight against sleeplessness. Eating the right way can help you fight insomnia a great deal. One with a lack of good sleep cannot fully maximize her time right. It is near impossible to rise at dawn talk more of facing your task for the day and daring to be productive. Eat light, as heavy food despite making you drowsy prolongs digestion which interrupts a quality sleep.

It is therefore advisable to avoid certain types of food. Examples are spicy foods, fatty foods, high protein meal, and even alcohol.


Apart from the many health benefits of hydration, working as an energy booster and eliminating tiredness is another wonders of hydration in the body.  Dehydration can make you feel drained and causes you to experience fatigue. On the other hand, hydration causes you to have more energy. Your waking early by the way is useless if you can’t perform any task due to low or no energy.  You can get work done only when you have energy for it. Drinking water helps your muscles to work longer and harder before you feel tired. It also keeps you relaxed while asleep so your sleep is sound and restful. With this, you can arise early without being sluggish or fagged out for work.

Simply put; hydration helps you get a relaxed sleep so you can have a smart morning rise and also ensure your body has the needed energy for work.

Don’t mess with your already set routine

There are times when you are tempted to stay in bed longer when it’s weekend and you don’t have to go to work,  or stay late at night to see movies, much more later than your bed time because the weekend is kicking in. You are actually ruining your routine as it makes it difficult for your body to adjust to what you have established. My recommendation is to try getting out of bed the same time everyday whether is weekend or not, whether you have things in schedule or cleared. In this way, your body will be accustomed to early morning rising in order for you to do more the day you have a lot to do.

Reward yourself

Reward is a great motivation to do more. When you know a prize awaits you for getting something done, you are undoubtedly going to do even more. Rewarding yourself will help you stick to that goal of becoming a morning person until you completely master it. For example, you may say to yourself, ‘I am going to treat myself to a cup of ice cream once I am able to practice being a morning person for two months straight without breaking it. Once you achieved that without truly ruining it, I beg, reward yourself; set another target and reward until you master it totally.


In summary, being a morning person has it’s wealthy benefits of helping you stay ahead of the world and practice discipline. Remember, to achieve this, you have to start working your morning out from the day before, set a matching bed time so your body will conform to that sleeping and rising time frame, avoid eating close to bedtime as it may disrupt your sleeping patterns, have the right dinner to avoid insomnia and sluggishness in the morning, hydrate so you can have energy to get things done once you rise, try not to mess your sleeping routine by getting out of bed the same time everyday even on weekends and finally, always reward yourself.

What other ways have helped you be a morning person? Share your thoughts in comments and check out this post of how to stay sane in times of challenges to help you conquer in any situation.

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