Productivity; how to become a more productive person.

Productivity, how to be more productive

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I want to do a lot; you want to do a lot too. It’s not just about how much but also how well and good. This is were productivity becomes extremely important.

Are you able to do much task, conveniently do it well and let it speak of intelligent? If not, here are 3s factor to boost your productivity. Being practical on how to become a morning person along side this 3s factor can make you accomplish anything and stay super productive.

  • SPEED:  To be effective you need speed. To be able to save time you need speed. If you practice the habit of speeding up with task, your productivity will definitely increase because you know how to use your time judiciously so that you can do many things within a specified time and deliver result.


  • STEADY : If you can speed up and manage your time well, it will be fantastic if you to be accurate alongside. Speed without accuracy will cause a double task, as you will have to run over the task again making corrections and this will sap your delivery time.


  • SMART : Weather a write-up, make-up, hair-do, design, art work and anything you can think of , nothing can ever beats work that speaks volume of intelligent. Your productive effort will stand out and represent you positively wherever it’s presented.


Practice the habit of combining my recommended 3s factor and see a boost in your productivity as it will make you highly effective, efficient, accurate and intelligent.

Is there any S factor you will like to contribute? Share it in the comment section below. See you in the next post.

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