Dream for the Young Nigerian Woman

Dream for the Young Nigerian woman

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Why this powerful dream for the young Nigerian woman?

An average young woman in Nigeria suffers twice challenges than what her fellow girl faces in other part of the world.

I have of often wonder what will happen if we woke up to a life without lack, security and equality. Do you think it’s possible?

For now, we do have to keep our hope alive while learning how to stay sane in the midst of challenges, no matter how tough it gets.

My powerful dream for you dear young Nigerian woman is to live a life

Dream for the Young Nigerian woman
Young Nigerian woman

Where you do not have to struggle your way through school; having every educational need met.

Where you have equal right to education as a young woman without having to struggle for it but gain it, because it is a need.

Where there are job opportunities for you without having to lobby;  without anyone, asking for what is in between your legs or being gender biased, as everything is base on merit.

Where there is no disregard for the young woman in the family; or in the society as a whole because she is not a male.

Where people treat the young woman equally as the young man is treated.

Where there are no acts of violence against a woman anywhere; thereby eliminating fear or insecurity.

Where you don’t have to live in the slum or in a random place in disguise of a house but live in a serene and neat enough home.

Where you do not have to feel the lofty weight of corruption crushing you, as everything is well organized or instituted the way it has to.

Where you are able to associate freely without fear of how others might treat you due to the mistrusting attitude of people in present days.

Where you are able to fall in love and be loved too without fear of being betrayed, hurt or broken.

Where you are capable of generally helping yourself without depending on others but can even assist others to be better.

Where every young Nigerian woman is empowered, living far from a life of ‘little means’ and flowing in financial freedom.

As a young Nigerian woman, you are a survivor, smart, strong, hardworking, focused, passionate, and determined visionary.

My desire for you, dear young woman is

  • Is to thrive despite the difficult and discouraging environment you find yourself.
  • To do excellent things: That you are able to turn things around for the better no matter how little you have.
  • That you invest in yourself enough to grow stronger than the strong walls of obstacle structured around you.
  • That you don’t give up no matter what.
  • That you should continue to strive so you can thrive.





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