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Omegemag is a motivation, self-care and lifestyle blog. It centers on inspiring the young Nigerian woman for a satisfied everyday living.


Hello there!

My name is Osas Osamende. I live in Lagos state, Nigeria. I am happy to work with my  fellow writers here on Omoge magazine to bring you life changing contents. Journeying from my earlier days to creating and living the life I want has exposed me to lots of challenges as a young woman.

These challenges range from relationships to career, taking care of me and even my finances.

I realized that living the life you want is what gives satisfaction. I have constantly worked towards having the life I dreamed regardless of societal influence. From my personal experiences, I know that there are some forms of social, cultural, and traditional element, which influence a girl’s pattern of life in Nigeria. I live to conquer these challenges everyday and I want to connect with you so I can help you conquer your everyday challenges too by continuously providing you with tips so you can live that life; a satisfying life.

I know just like me, you want to be happy. I also know that you are finding it difficult on your journey to live the kind of life you desire because I did find it difficult too. Without living the quality of life you want, how can you ever be truly happy when you are not satisfied? This is why I share tips to help you rise above everyday limitations and live your best life ever. Here on Omoge magazine, I share actionable ideas and tips that can help the young Nigerian woman conquer her everyday challenges and be able to live her dream life.

Now that you know about me, and what I do; can I meet you too? I beg click the button below already to send me a mail and let’s be friends. Feel free to chat me up on whatever is making you uncomfortable at this moment in your life and let’s find a way to turn that ugly into a beauty.


Omoge mag is geared towards providing contents that inspires you as a young Nigerian woman to live an ultimately satisfying life by providing posts, tips, and stories to help you along life’s journey so you can have that desired life.

If you are a woman, you are young and you are Nigerian, you definitely want to subscribe because there are tons of tips to motivate you to achieve better; whether it’s finance, relationship, career, or wellness. These tips are entirely useful and relevant to championing you every day.

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