5 ugly truths about money every girl should know in order to be rich


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What is the ugly truth about money?

Gone are the days when a girl’s life is tied round a man and the home front alone. These days, women want to be more involved and that includes making their own cash and getting rich. Being rich guaranty comfort and help you stay sane in the midst of other challenges.

There are so many perks to being a rich girl, one of which is; not depending on anyone to meet your financial needs no matter how expensive it is.  To arrive at that spot in life, it is important that you learn about money because there is an ugly side to it which is misconstruing and tricky.

These truths below will help your better understanding of money so you can implement it and become richer.

Money saved never adds up

You must have heard people giving money advice, screaming for you to save! Save!! And save some more. You decide to stick to the advice and act on it. After that, what happens next? But the ugly truth is, it doesn’t add up without making some smart investment move with that savings.

If you are a Nigerian girl who lives in Nigeria, it would have been better to not to sweat it out because – your bank is going to start making deductions that at the end of the year, your savings would have reduced by a token or inflation would have devalued your money. With this, do you think the idea of saving isn’t ugly? It isn’t if you learn to save and make investment with your savings so that it will yield more money. This is one step to becoming a rich girl as you attract more money with your money.

Quick tip – Learn to make your money work for you.

ugly truth about money every girl should know in order to be rich

It does not become more by working hard

People preach working hard as the way to make cash and become rich. This may have been true decades ago but not in today’s digital age. If hard work births riches, African farmers would be the wealthiest because they labour hard without the use of machinery.  The ugly truth is you don’t get more money by working hard, you get it by working smart. If you don’t capitalize on working smart to earn more, getting in the rich spot might be a hassle.

Quick tip – Always think of ways you can go smart about making money.

A girl calculating money
A girl calculating money

More cash does not always mean more riches

Are you not supposed to be richer since more money is hitting your account? Well, that depends. When you increase expense to match with income, you will never get richer because even if you earn in millions, your expenses shoot to millions too and you will always end up with zero amount left. The ugly truth is getting more money is not an automatic ride to riches, no. It is the conscious discipline of reducing expenses to the lowest level, save more and make the savings yield more money that guaranty your ride to riches.

Quick tip – Be an advocate of consciously reducing your expenditure to the lowest minimum. Cut out unnecessary spending.

No amount of it is ever enough

Do you have the mindset that more money will give you a spending satisfaction and you can be able to spend to a point where you will be satisfied? Do you play around the belief that it is when you are satisfied getting all you want before you can then start to save? Do you reason that arriving at a certain amount of figure will give you content? The ugly truth is, no amount of money will ever be enough.  You will always want more except for some reason you decide to work on being content. There will never be a time you can finish satisfying your wants in order for you to start saving. You just need to activate your discipline mood so you can stay contented and meet only the necessary needs.

Quick tip – Practice the discipline of content; in doing this, your wants can’t get you in trouble.

Multiple sources of earning  fattens a lean purse

Jack of all trade and master of none used to be a popular quote back in those days. Fast forward to now, you should be a jack of trade and master of all though. This is not to say to be all over the place, it simply means that you can’t rely on one source of income to getting into the rich girl spot. The ugly truth about money is that you must diversify your means of income in order to get in that rich zone. Leading lady like Omoni Oboli does not only act, she directs, produces, owns a clothing brand, an equipment rentals, she authors books and writes scripts and she is really wealthy my dear girl. When money comes into your purse from different sources, that purse must become fat.

Quick tip – Check out for any talent in you or skills you have that you can monetize. Ask yourself what is related to the line of work or business you are doing now that you can also dived into? Find out and work your way in.

In conclusion, don’t be just a reader but a doer. Commit to doing. So, what is the truth about money that has ever shock you in life? Share your experience in comments.


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